Jim Herdt and Pinnacle Five Launch National Campaign

Jim Herdt, the 9th Master Chief of the Navy and his four former senior enlisted colleauges who each rose to the top of their respective military services advising the Joint Chiefs of Staff while preparing, leading, and supporting the collective US forces, have created Pinnacle Five and launched a national advocacy campaign to ensure employers understand the value of Veterans as potential employees.  Calling them “America’s competitive advantage,” Pinnacle Five intends to educate employers and the public about the true value of Veterans.

Pinnacle Five consists of 5 men who worked together closely during and after 9-11 to “build a bridge” between the enlisted force and key decision-makers in the Pentagon.  All five have transitioned successfully to the private sector in their post-military careers and know what it takes to succeed.  “Now, we want to build that bridge to the employer community and ensure they know the value of Veterans as employees” said Jim.  For more information see www.pinnaclefive.com

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