SeaPort-e: Relevant Work Experience - Functional and Administrative Support:


Herdt Consulting provided services in the area of functional and administrative support as a subcontractor to AMSEC for Phase II of the Commander Naval Surface Force, U.S. Atlantic Fleet (CNSL) Sea Swap Analysis Project. Work was performed in Norfolk Virginia (Zone 3 – Mid Atlantic). Herdt Consulting provided direct support to CNSL to analyze the Atlantic Fleet DDG Sea Swap experiment by providing an analysis of the cost-performance trade-offs associated with the experiment and examining the implications of the results for future Sea Swap concept initiatives. Our consultants analyzed current crew rotation reports, studies and lessons learned; analyzed new data collected and lessons learned from the CNSF DDG/DD Sea Swap demonstration; reviewed the Atlantic Fleet DDG SSE Experiment Analysis Plan and developed a concept of operations for capturing and storing all required data; and attended crew turnovers and other shipboard opportunities to conduct QOL surveys. Ultimately, our consultants successfully completed all assigned tasks providing valuable input to support the DDG SSE Experiment.

Herdt Consulting serves as a subcontractor to CACI for the Department of the Navy Chief Information Office (DoNCIO) Knowledge Management Project. CACI tasked Herdt Consulting with assessing the current state of the Mine Sweeper community home ported in Ingleside, TX to explore areas that would demonstrate the greatest improvement through the application of Knowledge Management (KM) principles. This involved one-on-one interviews across all levels of the command:  Commanding Officers, Executive Officers, Command Senior Enlisted Leaders, Chief Petty Officers and junior crewmembers. As a result of this effort, Herdt Consulting provided concise targeted recommendations to fulfill the Navy’s goal.