Team Member Experience - Booz Allen Hamilton


Maritime Enterprise Engineering and Management: Booz Allen has provided strategy and technology services to the Department of Navy for over 60 years. We currently provide support to nearly every organization in the Department. Our support is broad -- from developing enterprise-wide strategies to C4ISR systems engineering and deployment to maritime logistics -- Booz Allen considers the Navy one of the cornerstones of its Federal business. 

IT Transformation, Strategy, and Design: Booz Allen Hamilton brings technical and functional expertise in systems development, engineering, and management to provide support through every phase of the information technology life cycle, including world-class design and engineering services. 

Program Management and Defense Acquisition Support: Our professionals -combining technical and functional expertise in technology, engineering, and management- integrate sound management principles with the most appropriate technologies to assist Government leaders in effectively managing programmatic, schedule, and technical risks. We address many elements of the acquisition cycle, including technology demonstration/validation, testing of full-scale engineering development, production of systems, and installation management. Booz Allen's life cycle management services address every aspect of the program management and acquisition process. 

Supply Chain Management: We take a top-down strategic approach to the supply chain, understanding that its management involves more than operations or logistics. Booz Allen Hamilton has been at the forefront of every major development in the field, from the extended enterprise and channel partners to strategic sourcing, manufacturing strategy, and new techniques for managing complexity. With each new development, we have helped the Government and commercial clients meet evolving challenges with sophisticated tools and solutions. 

Wargaming and Strategic Simulation: Recognized worldwide as a leader in wargaming and strategic competitive simulations, Booz Allen Hamilton has created and facilitated wargames for the Office of the Secretary of Defense, military services, and numerous other government organizations. We have also used advanced simulations as a strategic tool for Fortune 100 companies in the utility, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, agribusiness, and consumer product fields. Our wargame specialists design games to accommodate a wide range of scenarios, and explore the role of the latest technologies. Our state-of-the-art wargaming and modeling facilities give senior defense and business executives the ability to test advanced concepts, conduct integrated training, and engage in real-time interactive scenarios, including distributed simulations.