Team Member Experience - EPSScentral, LLC


EPSScentral helps organizations achieve and maintain worker competency at the speed of the work required on enterprise system and standard operating procedures. We do this by providing knowledge workers the tools and information at the time they need to perform their jobs. As an industry leader, EPSScentral distinguishes itself in the market place by applying its Performance Center Design Methodology (PCD™), along with specialty technologies, to simplify work, make processes and workflow visible and interactive, and embed knowledge into the work processes. 

EPSScentral solutions deliver remarkable returns on investment in terms of performance, reduced expenses and increased revenue. EPSScentral has repeatedly proven that its solutions: 

Decrease time to competency from weeks or days to hours
Deliver results in days, not months, at substantially less cost than competition
Reduce error rates to 1% or less
Eliminate training development and maintenance costs resulting in annual net savings and revenue increases in the millions. 

EPSScentral provides strategic solutions and advice to organizations worldwide including: Defense Acquisition University, Internal Revenue Service, Tyco International, Cybernet Systems Co. (Japan), Eugene Data Systems (Korea), ASRC Communications, Merrill Lynch, Thomson Financials, Morgan Stanley, USAA, The Hartford and more. EPSScentral is the creator and sponsor of the renowned performance-centered design (PCD) awards, which since 1997 have showcased innovative PCD solutions and development tools.