Enterprise Resource Planning

Herdt offers a comprehensive package of ERP services from solution architecture planning to deployment and sustainment. Our business process and software experts specialize in many of today’s most complex business challenges, including, but not limited to the following:

  • Functional & Technical Design
  • Business Process Analysis/Reengineering
  • Software Configuration
  • Technical Development – Reports, Interfaces, Conversions, Enhancements, Forms (RICEF)
  • Quality Assurance & Testing
  • Organizational Change Management (OCM)
  • Training – Curriculum Development & Delivery
  • Site Deployment (Over-the-Shoulder Support) 
  • Help Desk Operations 
  • Sustainment Support

Our staff brings both the business and ERP technical knowledge necessary to unify, standardize and streamline business activities into one business system which achieves the highest standards of business readiness in a real-time database infrastructure which is accessible, secure and reliable.

ERP Business Process Expertise

ERP solutions consist of a complex integration of overarching activities and business processes. Herdt provides key support in core, mission-critical processes as summarized in the proof points below.

  1. Asset Management (AM): From initial acquisition, transfer and depreciation to asset disposal including over 400,000 assets valued in excess of $75 billion dollars.
  2. Project Systems (PS): Every phase of project management from Initiation and Planning to Execution and Project Closing. Resulting in over 2.5 million projects supporting labor, material and services valued at over $40 billion dollars.
  3. Financial Management (FI/FM/CO): Maintaining funds control and execution for eight companies within ERP; Controlling 11,000 cost centers. Currently executing over 8 million transactions per month and managing $40 billion in obligations annually.
  4. Material and Supply Chain Management (MM/SCM): Including Logistics Planning, Procurement, Inventory Management, Warehouse Management and Environmental Safety at both the local and wholesale levels. Providing material and procurement visibility, inventory reduction, and order optimization resulting in savings of over $276 million dollars. 100 million materials created and extended to 400 plants. Material inventory valuation in excess of $120 billion dollars.
  5. Work Force Management (Human Capital Management): Providing secure, accurate, and near real-time organizational and human resource data. Encompassing the creation of a business organization hierarchy including over 18,000 organizational units with over 45,000 personnel assigned, certifying 390,000 timesheets per pay period worth 3.2 billion dollars annually.
  6. Data Conversion and Master Data Management: Herdt is the leader in systems implementations having led or co-led all seven implementations at Navy ERP. Herdt resources are experts in the newest SAP Business Object tools which supported the Data Conversion and Project Management Services which are responsible for transitioning approximately 44,000 users into a single enterprise solutions consisting of over 800 million records; including 1.1 million vendors, 800 thousand customers, 10 million material records and over 900 billion dollars in inventory to support transactions worth 40 billion dollars in financial obligations annually. In addition, Herdt consultants are responsible for directing and coordinating the efforts of technical and cross-functional teams, developing short and long-range plans and project milestones directly related to system go-live and cutover, and providing daily and weekly status to executive leadership.
  7. Legacy System Interfaces: Herdt is responsible for more than 55 existing system interfaces with service-level legacy systems including Wide Area Work Flow (WAWF), Manufacturing Production Control System (MPCS), Accounting Pre-Validation Module (APVM) and Automated Disbursing System (ADS).  Our systems engineering support includes a full range of services including evaluating existing systems, performing analysis of proposed system enhancements, recommending pertinent system updates or specific data structure changes to ensure correctness and accuracy. Sanitizing data, creating standardized transaction sets, engineering protocols and opening communication channels between systems, testing, evaluation and deployment. Our team ensures all interfaces accurately track and report financial and logistical data throughout the budgeting, requisitioning and contracting processes while maintaining System Availability of 99.81 percent
  8. Organizational Change Management (OCM): The Herdt OCM approach is action-oriented and focuses on working collaboratively with the organization’s leadership, individual sites, and governance representatives to foster management ownership and employee awareness and preparedness. This approach is designed to help identify and mitigate the organizational and people-related risks that could impede a successful transformation and to drive broad acceptance and user adoption by focusing on Assessing and Monitoring Risk, Mobilizing and Aligning Leaders, and Engaging the Workforce. Provided Executive Interviews, Focus Group Working Groups and Change Readiness Assessments for business activities spanning twenty-three unique sites including both headquarters and field activities affecting over 25,000 system users.
  9. Competency Center – Help Desk Support: Complete design and architecture support to operations management and service level agreement monitoring and execution, Herdt consultants are knowledgeable and experienced in every competency center activity and play a lead role in customer support center operations across the enterprise. Including the implementation of the ERP initial Go-Live strategy for all client support roles, organization structures, staffing levels, high-level processes flows, service level targets, metrics reporting, and help desk software requirement for 44,000 users.
  10. Information Assurance (IA): Using the Five Pillars of Information Assurance Model required by the Department of Defense, Herdt Consulting IA Managers are responsible for taking all measures necessary to protect and defend information and information systems by ensuring their availability. integrity, authentication, confidentiality, and non-repudiation. These measures include providing for restoration of information systems by incorporating protection, detection, and reaction capabilities.
  11. Environment, Health & Safety (EH&S): Herdt’s EH&S consultants offer a unique blend of practical knowledge and SAP expertise. Our consultants are SAP-trained and certified and collectively have more than 42 years of experience managing DoD environment, health and safety programs. Herdt EH&S consultants have extensive ERP development experience with both the Army and Navy. Supporting the Army’s Logistics Enterprise Integration Manager, Herdt consultants conducted the Environment, Safety, and Occupational Health (ESOH) blueprint for the Logistics Modernization Program (LMP) and the Single Army Logistics Enterprise (SALE). Herdt consultants also assisted in the development of the Army’s ESOH transition strategy to migrate legacy ESOH functionality into a data-centric ERP environment
  12. Training: Herdt Training Leads oversee the development of localized training materials, train-the-trainer activities, training schedules and logistics plans, and the on-going evaluation of training program effectiveness and are responsible for identifying requirements for training resources across the organization and working with leadership to ensure adequate resources are available to enable knowledge transfer and full operational readiness before, during, and after go-live. Key activities include:
    • Register for learning courses and activities; provide automated e-mail notifications; create business rules for course access and enrollment; send confirmations and cancellations; create wait lists and track status; set registration open/close dates; handle prerequisites (Registration Management)
    • Track and schedule learning courses and activities; provide manual and automatic assignment of learning plans; tracking and scheduling of compliance and mandatory training; track assignments/continuing education/certifications; provide calendars for showing courses and assignments (Tracking and Scheduling)
    • Facilitate rapid development of training material (Authoring tools)
    • Online context-sensitive help
    • Support blended learning
    • Support competency measurement
    • Support refresher training post-project implementation
    • Manage feedback from other subject matter experts and users
    • Generate user alerts
    • Mobile enablement
  13. Financial Improvement Programs: Supporting Navy ERP and US Army and US Navy Financial Improvement Programs (FIP). The FIP initiative brings about the business process improvements required to obtain audit assertion and drive improvements across the organization to provide leaders with the information needed to fulfill their mission and maximizing resources utilization. Herdt provides financial leaders in both DoD Legacy Financial system and the ERP business processes to rationalize the current financial activities and consolidate and standardize the business process within the ERP thus eliminating unneeded interfaces and activities which are standard within the process integration within the ERP.
  14. Business Intelligence and Reporting: Herdt consultants are among the first to support an SAP Business Objects implementation which will leverage data intelligence for one DoD’s largest implementations involving over 45,000 end users and provide a complete, integrated, scalable framework for identifying and collecting organizational data and for converting data into relevant, usable and timely business intelligence.
    • Facilitate the attainment of consistent and trusted information throughout the organization with quality data
    • Process complex historical data to look for trends, outliers, and patterns through a visual interface
    • Provide a simple, personalized view of an organization’s data to enable better understanding, insightful decision-making, and scenario evaluation
    • Support query generation and integrated analysis, as well as basic report authoring and information-sharing over intranets and extranets
    • Easily design interactive reports and connect them to virtually any data source and provide on-report sorting and filtering
    • Create, format, personalize, and distribute reports when triggered by events on-demand
    • Create, format, and distribute reports via direct channels on a scheduled and consistently structured basis
    • Manage and publish XML content (manage XML content and support its assembly and publishing into multiple output channels: print, Web, help files, and offline formats)